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Training Services

Whether you're a stay at home mom who wants to merely make walking up and down stairs easier or you're a top tier athlete that wants to shave .03 seconds off your 40-yard dash time, Dolo's Fitness offers training for all goals.

One on one instruction in a personalized setting, teaching proper form and enhancing mobility, body composition, flexibility and improving overall aerobic and muscular fitness. Your personalized goals make up the type of workouts that are administered.

This emphasizes the same goals as 'Personal Training' but for a small increase in price, workouts will be administered in clients' homes. Clients have no need to provide any equipment, I will bring everything you need for each session.




Group training is an intense, non-stop cardio and strength training session that promotes a fun approach to training with friends. Clients can workout as a group of 4 or more people and all will receive a reduction in the hourly rate for the group session.


Different athletes play multiple sports and need to hone in on their maximal capabilities for that given sport. I will train you with movements and workouts specific to the sport you play for optimal performance. Football, basketball, hockey, golf, wrestling, etc. Whatever sport it is, you will be ready for it.

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